Shhh. The sensible bit.

We live in a complicated world. Shame, that.
Despite our attempts to keep everything light-hearted we do have to bring some order to the chaos. Here you'll find all the legal-shizzle you may need.
The devil is in the detail, after all.

Terms & Conditions.

These terms and conditions apply between you, the User of this Website (including any sub-domains, unless expressly excluded by their own terms and conditions), and  David Henzell,  the owner and operator of this Website.

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Data & Privacy.

Our Privacy Policy sets forth how and when Sobrly uses, shares, and protects your information when you use our websites located at or and any of our programs, products or services provided.

By using, registering for, or purchasing any Sobrly Offerings, you consent to the collection, use, and disclosure of personal information in accordance with this Policy.

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The role of Sobrly is not to provide medical services, or diagnose, treat, or cure any disease, condition, or other physical or mental ailment.

Sobrly are addiction and recovery therapists.

Our background is in addiction and we are experienced, trained practitioners.

The role of Sobrly is to support you as you reach your wellness goals and implement positive, sustainable lifestyle changes.

Sobrly is, at no times acting in the capacity of a medical doctor, psychologist, or any other licensed healthcare provider.

Any information given by Sobrly is not intended to take the place of your Doctor or healthcare provider.

You understand that Sobrly does not infer or advise that you terminate any medical care. You also understand that the decisions you make regarding your healthcare and mindset is your responsibility and that you will not hold Sobrly responsible for any consequences of your medical decisions.

Sobrly employs freely available tools and resources that can help you decrease stress and sustain healthy action plans to create an alcohol-free life. As such, Sobrly provides inspiration, support and accountability.

Sobrly is not necessarily a substitute for a formal addiction, treatment or detox program.

If you’re concerned about your physical or mental health, or you’re physically addicted to any drug, including alcohol, please contact your healthcare provider and always seek professional advice before making any significant diet and lifestyle changes.

Important: Alcohol Dependence.

If you are drinking dependently, please understand that sudden cessation can be life threatening. Sobrly in no way encourages you to do this.If you are experiencing symptoms of withdrawal always seek emergency medical care immediately.

In the UK: 999 In the US: 911

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