Are you ready to Thrive in your sobriety?

If you like to do things your own way, then Thrive is for you.
Thrive is a solo, online 90 Day Unguided Sobriety Programme designed to help you truly identify and change your relationship with alcohol forever.

A 90 Day Solo Sobriety Programme.

Thrive is essentially a stand-alone version of our flagship Flourish Sobriety Programme. Enjoy all the content Flourish - and shape your own journey without a coach. Sign up, sign on and thrive. We like that!

Solo, unguided 90 day sobriety programme.

We recommend tackling Thrive over three months, but how long you take is up to you. It's your programme to do with what you will. Fully online, fully secure, agile and fresh.

The best of Flourish, on your terms.

We know that coaching isn't for everyone. That's why we created Thrive. On the couch, on your laptop or on your phone, Thrive is ready when you are.

Secure online platform with over 120 recovery activities.

Thrive is designed with you in mind. Complete activities, make
self-reflections and more on a secure, dedicated platform.

Dedicated 200+ page workbook

Thrive is accompanied by a 200+ page PDF workbook including all you need to get the most out of your journey. Like a coach, only this time in a book!

Thrive Sobriety.
Programme Details.

Introducing Thrive.

Sobrly’s stand-alone version of Flourish. Ideal for those not seeking guidance - make it your own, take your time - your sobriety, your way.

Built on Flourish, Thrive is the result many years of lived experience and professional knowledge. It offers you the chance to actively work on changing your drinking habits in a structured but flexible way.

Isn't it your time to Thrive?


Programme Contents.

The Thrive Sobriety Programme runs indefinitely.

Thrive is coach-free, which means you can access the programme at your leisure. You will of course have over 100 sobriety activities to complete to help enhance your progress and understanding.

The programme is delivered via a secure online platform and is supported by weekly emails, a full colour PDF workbook is also available. Plus, you'll
be welcome to join the Thrive channel on our very own Sobrly Social Discord server.

Does that sound like your thing?

Programme Requirements.

Thrive is not like other sobriety programmes.

You'll work in your own way to create a sobriety that is uniquely your own.

All you’ll need is passion, dedication and commitment.

Thrive will work on your mobile, but we think a laptop or tablet with an internet connection would be much better!


Want to stop drinking? Don't want a coach?
Say hello to Thrive.

Achieve your goals.

Thrive is here for you. It's an agile, convenient investment in yourself. Identify your goals measure your progress. Guided. Positive. Exciting.

Sobriety on your terms.

With no guided sessions you can truly set your own pace. Enjoy all that Flourish has to offer with unrivalled flexibility. Genius.

Celebrate your successes.

You're on a journey. Without support it can be quite lonely. With Thrive you can set your own goals and discuss your progress on The Sobrly Social.

Change your thinking.

Sobriety is a state of mind. With Thrive you'll learn to change the way you think to achieve the change you want. How good is that?

Get Sober. Be proud.

A lot of people don't understand why anyone would want to stop drinking. You know better. Learn how to handle non-believers and follow your path.

Enjoy life. Alcohol free.

Stopping drinking isn't the end. It's just the beginning of a better, happier and healthier life. What are you going to do first?

Worth paying for?

It might not be the first thing you think of, but drinking is an expensive pastime! How much do you spend per week on average? Be honest. It all adds up, especially if you factor in takeaways, taxis and Amazon orders. Look at what you could save per year if you complete Flourish and stay sober. Scary, but true...


I spend about £50 per week


I spend about £70 per week


I spend about £100 per week


I spend about £120 per week


3 months of quality support

Thrive is borne of experience. And it shows.

When we designed Thrive, we wanted to make sure it was innovative & gorgeous. We're proud to say: it's both!

Page Workbook
Recovery Exercises
Hours Coaching
Hours Learning
read it & weep

What are people saying about Flourish.

“Paced, consistent & fun.”

I needed the structure to really crack my drinking. I'd tried to stop now and again... but having a coach & activities really helped.

York; UK.

“My accountability buddy!”

Having David there for me at every turn was invaluable. It helped me focus on my goals - through all the ups and downs. Full marks!

Plymouth; UK.

“I needed the structure.”

The activities in-between sessions were thought provoking and actually fun! I need to understand why I was drinking like I was. Now I do.

Madison; WI; USA.

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Programme authors

Team Sobrly:
Ian, David & Laurie

Flourish has been crafted from the bottom up byTeam Sobrly. Many years of lived experience and professional skills have been combined to deliver what we believe is a sobriety programme second to none.

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