David Henzell

Co-Founder and Coach

Sobrly allows me to bring to bear my lived and professional experience to help others. Like you! Sobrly is my way of supporting people to get back on track.

David Henzell


David Henzell

Hello! I’m David - recovered alcoholic and passionate sober-dude! I’m thrilled to have created Sobrly with Laurie and Ian, allowing me to bring to bear my lived & professional experience to help others. Like you!

After building a successful career in advertising & design, I pretty much thought I had it all. So what next? I know , I’ll let alcohol take it all away. Makes sense, right? After many years of what I might describe of “drinking a bit too much” I tumbled into dependence and ultimately endured two alcohol detoxes - before seeing the light and embracing my recovery.

My coaching & support is a manifestation of what I have learned through my own journey, carefully blended with the skills built upon years working as a practising alcohol support professional. It’s a simple recipe for success: Take a relaxed, open and honest coach / client relationship and sprinkle a tasty blend of motivation, encouragement and evidence-based interventions over the top to deliver a cohesive, engaging, fun (yes, fun) way to tackle issues around alcohol. I like to call it “hybrid” alcohol support.

I am here to support your journey. I can help you quit drinking. Remember, it’s not that you can’t ever drink again - it’s that you don’t want to.

As a practitioner I have a wide range of professional qualifications and attributions. From managing change to relapse prevention; dealing with cravings to future life planning.
All backed up by a relaxed, therapeutic relationship.

I’m all about blended care: I can work in-person or online and can accommodate appointments in different time zones. I’m here for you, after all.

What’s that? What’s my thing? Oh, right, yeah - I’m nothing special - I love to walk the dog, breathe the fresh air and ponder life! In my downtime I am a passionate creative - graphic designer and coder of “things”. I have a Border Collie called Fred and a penchant for Poland.

Let’s do this!

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