Help yourself to support others with Family Flourish.

Family Flourish is designed for partners, relatives or loved ones of someone who is struggling with the effects of alcohol or substance misuse.

A Guided Family Support Programme.

We know that living with the effects of someone struggling can have devastating consequences for daily lives, relationships and families. That's why we designed Family Flourish, to help you make sense of the situation, guide, support you and help you cope.

Guided 12 week family support programme.

Weekly one to sessions sessions with your coach interspersed with pre-work to help you hone your understanding and focus on your situation and goals.

12 x 1 hr sessions facilitated by a Sobrly coach.

Review your progress, discuss your concerns and celebrate your successes in regular supportive group sessions.

Secure online platform with over 120 recovery activities.

Family Flourish is designed with loved ones in mind. Complete activities, share reflections and more on a secure, dedicated platform.

Dedicated 200+ page workbook

Family Flourish is accompanied by a 100+ page workbook including all you need to get the most out of your journey.

Hang out in The Sobrly Social

Need a little extra support? Flourish Family also includes access to The Sobrly Social, our safe, secure and relaxed support hub.

Family Flourish.
‍Programme Details.

Introducing Flourish Family.

Family Flourish is designed for partners, relatives or loved ones of someone who is struggling with the effects of alcohol or substance misuse.

Born of our own very real experiences of living with addiction, you can expect a supportive, guided programme to boost hope, gather resilience and provide you and your family with understanding and skills to grow.


Programme Contents.

Family Flourish runs for six weeks

It includes a total of 6 one to one sessions with your Sobrly your coach. In between sessions you will have over 100 pre-work activities to complete to help enhance your progress and understanding.

The programme is delivered via a secure online platform and is supported by weekly emails and a full colour workbook. Of course, you'll also have access to The Sobrly Social Discord channel.

This is for you. Because you deserve it.

Programme Requirements.

Family Flourish is not like other programmes.

Family Flourish is not a programme for the person drinking or taking drugs.

This is a programme for you.

Family Flourish will work on your mobile, but we think a laptop or tablet with an internet connection would be much better all round.


Living with addiction should not be a lonely journey. With Family Flourish, it's not.

Take care of yourself.

Flourish Family is here for you. And your family. It's a profound investment for anyone living with someone struggling with the effects of alcohol or substance misuse.

Be supported.

Learn to make sense of the situation and how to support yourself and family members through what can be difficult times for you all. Sobrly is truly here to help.

Share the ups and downs.

We know that life with an addict can be hard. That's why Family Flourish exists - to help you navigate a journey to stability, understanding and a more positive, relaxed state of mind.

Change your thinking.

What do you make of the situation you are in? Learn to change the way you think to help achieve the change you need. Family Flourish is our way of supporting you through all of this.

Grow stronger.

Feeling worn out? Ground down by the pressure? We hear you. We do. You'll get guided, informal but structured support throughout your time on Flourish Family.

Learn to live again.

It's all about them! Isn't it? Not with Family Flourish it's not. We're here to help you regain control, relax and find the happiness you feel like you've lost in life. This is for you.

3 months of quality GROUP support

Flourish Family is made for you. And it shows.

When we designed Family Flourish, we wanted to make sure it was innovative, inclusive and gorgeous.
We're proud to say: it's all three and more!

Page Workbook
Individual Supportive
1:1 Sessions
Hours Individual Learning
read it & weep

What are people saying about Sobrly.

“Paced, consistent & fun.”

I needed the structure to really crack my drinking. I'd tried to stop now and again... but having a coach and activities really helped.

York; UK.

“My accountability buddy!”

Having David there for me at every turn was invaluable. It helped me focus on my goals - through all the ups and downs. Full marks!

Plymouth; UK.

“I needed the structure.”

The activities in-between sessions were thought provoking and actually fun! I need to understand why I was drinking like I was. Now I do.

Madison; WI; USA.

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Programme authors

Team Sobrly:
David, Ian and Laurie

Flourish has been crafted from the bottom up by Team Sobrly. Many years of lived experience and professional skills have been combined to deliver what we believe is a sobriety programme second to none.

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