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Part time
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We're looking for like-minded souls to develop complementary courses to add to our repertoire of sobriety orientated programmes,

Role Outline

Are you involved in the wellbeing sector? Interested in building a short programme to run on the Sobrly platform? Read on...

Guest Programme Creator

Sobrly Team are looking to expand our repertoire of sobriety orientated courses to offer alongside their flagship sobriety programme, Flourish. We'd be particularly excited to hear from you if you're into:

  1. Nutrition - How to eat healthily in recovery from addiction
  2. Fitness - How to build up your fitness and stay active in sobriety
  3. Creativity - How to embrace your inner creative to help build your recovery capital
  4. Insight - How to nourish yourself intellectually as you thrive in recovery
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Get in touch.

If you're interested in sharing your passion for doing this differently with Sobrly, let us know. We may not have any active posts right now - but we'd love to hear from you just the same.

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