Alcohol & Addiction: 7 Myths Uncovered

Getting to the real truth behind the alcohol & addiction myth that you may be using to justify your addiction problem is crucial.

Alcohol & Addiction: 7 Myths Uncovered

7 Myths of Alcohol and Addiction Uncovered

There are many myths in relation to alcohol and addiction. However, getting to the real truth behind the alcohol and addiction myth that you may be using to justify your addiction problem is crucial to break down the wall of denial.

Below are seven of the most common myths that anyone who consumes alcohol should know about.

Myth 1 - I can stop anytime I want to.

The first common myth relating to alcohol and addiction is that alcohol addiction is just a bad habit. "I can stop anytime I want to". Maybe you can; more likely, you can't. This is not always possible. However, this is just an excuse to keep on drinking. Telling yourself that you are capable of stopping makes you feel in control, despite all notable evidence to the contrary.

Myth 2 - Alcohol is not a "real" drug.

Alcohol is a drug and alcohol addiction is every bit as damaging as drug addiction, and not only does alcohol abuse causes changes in your brain and body, but long term alcohol abuse can also have a devastating effect on your relationships, career, and general health.

Myth 3 - My drinking problem doesn't hurt anyone.

Although the decision to quit drinking is entirely up to you, you are deceiving yourself if you think that your alcohol and addiction problem hurts no one else. The truth is that alcoholism affects everyone around you - especially the ones closest to you.

Myth 4 - I have no alcoholic and addiction problem because I have a good job.

You don't have to be homeless just to be an alcoholic. There are hundreds of alcoholics out there that are able to hold down jobs and provide for their families. Some even manage to make it through school and lead what appears to be successful lives and careers.  However, just because you classify yourself as being a "good" alcoholic doesn't mean you are not putting yourself or others in danger.

Myth 5 - Drinking helps me forget about my problems.

Although most alcoholics claim to be drinking due to psychological or emotional problems, the reality is that all alcoholics have the very same emotional and psychological problems as everyone else before they even start drinking. These problems are, however, more aggravated simply due to the fact that they are consuming alcohol.

Myth 6 - I drink responsibly, so I can't be an alcoholic.

In general, even the most responsible drinkers can become alcoholics over time. Just like some of the most positive changes can be made by taking small steps every day, it is the same with taking small negative steps every day.

Myth 7 - Alcohol gives me energy.

This is horribly untrue. Alcohol is just like a depressant, and can make you sleepy. Your ability to move, speak, think, and react will also be impaired.

Beating alcohol and addiction isn't going to be a walk in the park - but by debunking the above mentioned myths can help those who suffer from alcohol addiction find help. Also, doing so will give problem drinkers a better chance at success, more confidence, and more willpower to succeed in order to beat alcohol and addiction.

Laurie Crow

Laurie Crow

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