Let's Build That Sober Toolkit: Here are Ten Tips.

Regardless of where you are on your recovery journey - building your Sobriety Toolkit is essential. And it CAN be fun!

Let's Build That Sober Toolkit: Here are Ten Tips.

Are you just thinking about stopping drinking? Maybe you’re just starting your journey to sobriety? Maybe, just maybe you’re doing well in early recovery?

Regardless, there is something all of us have in common - we need to keep our Sober Toolkit well stocked and up to date!

What tools are in your Sober Toolkit?

Perhaps the first question you’re asking is “What the heck IS a Sober Toolkit?”

Well, think of it as a set of skills, mindsets, habits or practices that together help keep us on track. That ultimately help keep us sober. Result!

Becoming sober is not just about gritting our teeth and suffering - it’s about getting involved, making connections and exploring passions. At the very least it’s finding something to do with your time (and you may find you have waaaay more of that on your hands now you’re not drinking!)

Here’s the thing, whether you’re new to recovery or are an old-timer we can all use a little help sometimes. This list is by no means exhaustive, I mean, we all have interests and things that float our boat.

Consider these as a starter for ten. You’re welcome.

1. Exercise: Get moving. There’s no need to get down to the gym, a gentle stroll will do. Anything that gets you out and about will be good for you and free the mind.

2. Coaching: I might be bound to say this, but having a coach to guide and mentor your progress can be invaluable. Share the journey with someone else.

3. Reading: Read up. Whether it’s some Quit Lit, a good novel or the news - taking a moment to read and you may find that your mind moves away from your sobreity onto something, well, different.

4. Sleep: Tired? Take a nap. If you’re struggling to sleep, try a new bedtime routine: avoid screens, have a nice warm drink, get cosy, listen to an audio book or some background sounds to soothe you. This works for me every time.

6. Podcasts: People really do listen to podcasts! Stretch out on the couch, learn something new, take time to reflect on your recovery or just have a good old belly laugh. There’s a podcast with your name out there for sure.

7. Journaling: Forget Adrian Mole (aged 13 3/4) - I’m talking simple reflections. A few lines each day as part of your routine builds structure and discipline to your day. There are loads available online - but hey, a pen and a pad of paper will do the job.

8. Nature: No need to climb Everest. Take a stroll in your local park, drive out to the country. See something different, breathe in the fresh air. It works wonders every time.

9. Music: Music can whisk us away and take us to places that make us happy. Mix up a playlist and have your very own silent disco. Why not? This is your time, after all.

10. Video Games: For sheer escapism, nothing beats a good session on the games console. Enter another world. Blow away some aliens or build a community - the choice is yours. GTA V was may saviour in early recovery. It could be yours!

The tools we use are as unique as we are.

This little list is just an example - the secret is to do what you want, what you enjoy. Mix things up. Try different things. Different combinations. Whatever you do, they can really help with your structure and routine. Everyone’s a winner, so to speak.

Have fun!

Laurie Crow

Laurie Crow

Co-Founder and Coach

If you are ready to hear more about the freedom and joy that comes with sobriety, I can’t wait to connect and share my journey and help with yours